What Are Chonky Plushies?

Plushies came into existence in the late 19th century. Ever since they has been one of the most loved toys by kids all over the world. In our childhood, many can say a plushie was their best friend, with which they spent all their day playing, talking, and sleeping. To call a plushie just a toy would be an understatement. It serves in so many ways not only for kids but also for pre-teens, teenagers, and adults. Sometimes, you just need a cuddle buddy at the end of a long and tiring day to sleep comfortably with. So the Chonky Store came up with the perfect cute and cuddly plushies just for you.

  1.  Angry Seal Pillow Plushie


Take a look at this angry chonky seal pillow plushie. It was made for you to take out your frustration on but then also hug it for the best soft cuddles afterwards. Plushies are important for everyone because they become your listening buddies in times of distress or when you feel anxious, sad, or happy. You feel angry? Kick your chonky plushie around. Feel sad? You can cry on your chonky plushie. You feel tired and exhausted? Cuddle with the chonky sized plushie that will put you to a good night's sleep later as it can also serve as a pillow. It is made with soft, warm, and mushy fabric and gets angry at whoever tries to mess with you.            

  1. Chonky Bat Plushie

Chonkystore.com knows how much difference a plushie can make in one's life, therefore, we came up with the cutest plushies that are ready to be your life-long friends. The Chonky Bat was made to watch over you as you sleep to keep away the ghosts and the fun part is that it comes in so many different colors. It can open its wings and also close them embracing you in a big warm hug. The Chonky Bat is so cute that you can gift it to your best friends and have matching plushies. The chonky plushies can fit the pretty aesthetic of your room and make it even prettier.                                                                                       

  1. The Disappointed Cat



Chonky plushies are your go-to buddies when you want to binge-watch your favorite anime or movie series. They can sit beside you or in your lap and have the time of your lives. If you love cats and desperately needed the cuddliest kitty plushie, chonkystore.com took care of the matter and created a cute kitty character called the Disappointed Cat. The combo of these three cat plushies are always disappointed every time you procrastinate or do not complete your homework. It will never approve of you unless you put them to bed right next to you every night. The Disappointed Cats may be disapproving but they are also the softest chonky plushies and just as cute. 

Plushies are bound to provide you comfort regardless of your age. They help you build your confidence and help you learn to communicate when you are a kid. Until you grow up, you realize that your plushie has always been a constant throughout your life. Plushies are so important to some people that they collect all of their favorite cartoon character plushies so if you are also one of them, or you just want a chonky plushie for entertainment, click here to add one to your amazing plushie collection. 

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