Angry Chonky Seal Pillow


Angry Chonky Seal Pillow

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The Chonky Angry Seal is here in the form of a pillow & a plush!

Chonky Seal gracefully sits with his flippers to the side waiting for someone wonderful such as yourself to hold him closely and console him, and his warm embrace might be enough to make you fall in love with him in minutes...
This angry chonky seal pillow boy is not only the best listener, but he also wants to be your best friend and lifelong companion. We all experience anxiety and discomfort at times, and Chonky's warm presence accompanies us until things get better.
Chonky Seal is now available in THREE sizes due to high demand. Including a Jumbo size.

The Angry Chonky Seal Pillow also double functions as a plushie! The Chonky Angry Seal is the ULTIMATE cuddle buddy you have been looking for! Hold this chonky tight while you fall into a peaceful sleep...

The Chonky Angry Seal was designed in the likeliness of a famous seal in Japan named Yuki-chan!  

The Perfect Gift For A Loved One

No one wants to procrastinate. It just ends up happening…

Either way, we understand it is never good to be in a situation where you are rushing last minute to buy a gift for that birthday party, anniversary, holiday, wedding, graduation, etc. We know you have been there, and we also know how annoying it can get.

It can be extremely irritating, as you just can’t think of a type of gift that would work.

BEHOLD... the fluffy solution to your dilemma.

The Chonky Seal! It can be a great gift for almost anyone for two major reasons: Their cuteness and their size.

Commonly given to significant others, our Chonky plushies are a gift like no other, with their distinctive look and a unique idea behind them, your recipient will definitely love this gift. Pets also love Chonky Seal.

Don't forget, Chonky Angry Seal is on sale today, and to top it off we're offering FREE shipping to every order placed today.

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Note: Chonky Seal shown in the picture is JUMBO sized.


Here's what our customers have to say about us❤️

Diagnosed with anxiety last October, and since this fluffy chonky boi arrived he has definitely helped, so very thankful.

Sarah L

I could literally hug them all day UGH WHY IS HIS FACE SO CUTE. I bought 3 plushies from here so far and I have to say the seal is the cutest..

Angelie S

I have my chonky angery boy sat up on the window to watch outside, he's been waiting patiently trying to spot another angery boy he hasn't found anything yet, i shall keep you all updated while I go back on to chonky site and buy another

Floofy Jess
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